Couple activities – 20+ ideas for travel lovers

Activitati in cuplu

We are locked in our houses for some time now. Just like me, you also probably miss traveling and discovering new places with that special someone. Fortunately, there are several activities that can bring in yout soul a small part of the joy to travel. On the bright side, you’ll spend less and will save more money for the trip of your dreams. Furthermore, people appreciate more experiences compared to material things. By experimenting you can learn more about yourself and the person next to you or discover new hobbies. At the same time,through couple activities you’ll get to spend more time together, relax and have fun.

I’ve put together a list of activities you can get involved in at home or in your country. Some of the activities can be given as a gift to your partner as a voucher and you can choose together a date to enjoy it. A new experience is an unique gift that won’t occupy space in your house, will get you closer and might even give you the chance to get to know your next destinations from a different perspective. Moreover, you don’t even have to get out of the house in order to buy it.

Couple activities at home

1. Cook pizza together

Cook pizza - couple activities
Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

You can enjoy an authentic Italian experience without leaving your home. You just need flour, yeast, salt, oil and your favorite ingredients. After all, it’s said that love passes though the stomach. Once you get more experience, you can try other international dishes like sushi, paella, tiramisu, pad thai, hummus. Options are endless. Every week you can cook dishes specific to a different country.

2. Play a boardgame

alhambra boardgame - couple activities

Do you remember when we were little and the closest to us were our playmates?What about becoming a child again for a few hours and try a boardgame? I propose you a few games with a travel theme that will send you to negociate on the streets of Istanbul, discover the seven wonders of the world, build the most beautiful complex in Alhambra or take a train trip in Europe.

3. Watch a movie together

Meet on the couch for a movie in which the action takes place in a country you’d both want to visit. It’s a nice opportunity to spend time together, find out more about your preferences and find out some cultural aspects of your future destinations.

4. Read a book together

Reading can be relaxing and fun, depending on the book you choose. It might take you on a trip to new lands, around the world, in space or in imaginary worlds. If you get to go on this imaginary trip with your partner, even better.

5. An online course

Enroll together in online course and try something new. Maybe you’ll discover new interests or learn something of future use. Depending on your personal preferences, you can try anything from a cooking course on Airbnb Experiences to a survival in nature or digital photography one in order to take better pictures on your next trips.

Couple activities in the city you live in

1. Enroll in a dancing class

Couple activities - dancing
Photo by Scott Broome on Unsplash

You don’t have to go to far in order to learn some new moves. No matter what style you’re interested in, you’ll most probably be able to find a class in your hometown. From argentinian tango, to salsa, dominican bachata, kizoma, irish or greek dances, there are a lot of options. Dancing is fun and helps you develop verbal and especially non-verbal communication skills, which is definitely a plus. You’ll get to exercise during this sedentary period and make new, beautiful memories.

2. Rent a boat or a hydrobicycle on the closest lake to you

No matter what town you love in, there’s probably a lake or channel where you can rent a boat or a hydrobicycle and enjoy a few hours on the water.

3. Explore a museum or an art gallery

The village museum in Negresti Oas, Romania
The village museum in Negresti Oas, Romania

There’s no need to have a particular interest in art in order to enjoy a museum visit. There are many museum types, from sensorial museum to science, a museum dedicated to relationships that might have been in Zagreb, Croatia and even a Phallological Museum if you are in Reykjavik. Just google the museums in your city and you’ll probably find one you might want to check.

4. Enjoy a couple massaje or spa session

Offer yourself a day or at least a few hours of relaxtime. Spend the day at an outdoor heated pool or a spa complex, alternating the saunas with the pools and jacuzzi. If it’s not enough, extend it to one entire weekend at Grand Hotel Balvanyos.

5. Attend a new show

Buy two concert, theatre, opera or balled tickets. Don’t be afraid to try new things, even if it might not spark your interest at first sight. You might e pleasently surprised and want to come back. If not, you’ll at least get to laugh in the future about the experience.

Other couple activities

1. Go on a citybreak spontaneously

The rose sqaure and the orthodox cathedral in Targu Mures
Targu Mures

Choose a city close to your hometown and leave on a day or weekend citybreak. Even if you don’t think it might be a wonderful trip destination, try it, it might be a nice surprise.

2. Water sport class or an entire course

If you’ve ever travelled to areas where you can scuba dive and were afraid to try it, now you can try it in a pool first. You’ll learn about the equipment used, safe measures and test your limits in a controlled environment. If you like it, you can even take an entire course and get certified. Nonetheless, you’ll know more about diving and the next time you have the opportunity to dive in the sea, you’ll know if this is for you or not. You could also try to learn kite-surfing, surfing or even how to master one of these wakesurf boards.

3. Beginners alpinism session

Via ferrata - couple activities
Photo by Maja Kochanowska on Unsplash

If you’re not afraid of heights, you can enroll in an alpinism or via ferrata session. Most probably you’ll also get to enjoy a say or two in a mountainous area, that might hide some waterfalls and caves.

4. Go horse riding

If you like animals and nature, spend an entire day at a horse farm and take a riding lesson. Some centers also offer riding session for beginners on hills or on the beach.

5. Take a ski/snowboarding lesson

If you don’t know hot wo ski or snowboard or you know a little bit, but want to get better ar it, you can take to a teacher to adapt a course to your personal needs. After the pandemin period, it will open new opportunities. What about a ski trip to Austria?

6. Try wine tasting

Wine tasting at Cricova

I totally recommend a wine tasting to anybody even remotely interested in wine. Look for a cellar where you can take a tour first and learn more about the wine making process. There are several types of wine tastings you can partipate in. Some of them will teach you about wine flavors and food combinations, while other will involve actively participating in the process or even combine different types of wine to make your own special one. The Republic of Moldova is my favorite country when it comes to wine tastings, but you can also try Romania or Slovakia.

7. Off-road lesson or test drive

If you both have a driving license, try taking turns on a test drive on the car of your dreams or a 4×4 adventure. You’ll learn specific technics and it might even come in handy if you decide to go on jeep safari in Greece for example.

8. Explore a cave

Have you ever been on a cave tour that ended kind of abruptly with the mention that only speologists can go farther? I certainly have. Far too many times in fact. Now I’d really like to take park in a “behind the scenes” experience, to get to sneak through narrow corridors and tunnels, see less accessible rooms and even swim in a neoprene costume in an underground lake. This kind if experiences are now available.

9. Fly with a hot air balloon

Balloon flight
Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

Who says you have to go to Cappadocia in order to fly with a hot air balloon? You can also find this kind of tours in your own country. Besides the joy of seeing a town from a bird’s point of view, it’ll for sure be a memorable experience for any couple that’s not afraid of heights.

10. Couple activities lottery

Make notes with some couple activities you might want to try and organize a lottery. Some ideas, besides the ones from above: white water rafting, dogsledding, a snowmobile ride, an eggs painting or pottery lesson, bear watch, whale hunting.

These are only some of the activities you can do together They will bring the world closer to you at least for a few hours and you might even discover a hobby you both enjoy. For even more ideas check GetYourGuide, Viator or country specific sites like activități-cadou, smartexperience or cadouriperfecte. You can find anything from beer baths to Segway tours and amusement parks.

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