My name is Raluca and I’ve started this blog to inspire others to travel, just as other bloggers inspired me. I write in order to convince people that they can travel even if they have a full-time job, with a little planning and to offer useful information. After starting the blog, I’ve also discovered that it is a very good journal and a way to learn a lot of new things.

I like golden fields and the mountains with snow on the top, the sunrises, but much more the sunsets on the beach, big cities full of life, small and quiet villages, different people and places, foreign languages, furry animals and dancing. My curiosity pushes me to find out more about the customs and traditions of other cultures and taste their food.

I’ve traveled for the first time abroad at the age of 20, a bit late. Until then I’ve wandered through  Romania, because my mother thought I should know my own country before I visit other countries. Even today, I can’t say I know it very well, but I continue to learn something about it almost each week-end. The fact that I’m from Bacău and my boyfriend is from Satu Mare and we live both in Bucharest also helps. This means tours around the country for Christmas and Easter with a lot of stops on the way. When we have more days off we travel abroad, striving to know new people and places. I’ve traveled to England, France, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Holland, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Ukraine, Vatican, Greece, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Moldova, Poland and Morocco.

Why Travel With a Spin? Because this is what I wish for: to be able to spin the globe with my eyes closed, pick a destination and when I open my eyes to have an interesting story to tell about that place or visit it soon. I am far from that, but maybe one day… Until then, I invite you to search on this blog for information that can help you on your next travels.

Have a lot of nice trips!


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