15 Little-known Beauty Secrets Around the World

Dead Sea Mud cleansing mask – Israel

Dead Sea Mud is rich in minerals that are good for your skin. While you can make a trip to Israel or Jordan and take your own jar, you can also find beauty products that contain it.

Argan Oil for everything – Morocco

I hadn’t even heard about argan oil until I’ve travelled to Morocco, where this amazing product is for sale everywhere. It can be used for anything from dry skin to dry hair as a leave-in conditioner. It will make hair smoother and silkier. Although one could surely use this as an all-body moisturizer, it’s quite expensive. I usually prefer to use a face cream with argan oil as an ingredient.

Swedish makeup artist Petra Strand recommends to keep the tea bags after making your tea. Gently rub your face with it after it cools off. It should make the skin look radiant and clear.

Nail care beauty secrets

Lemon juice for nails – France

Women in France soak their fingers in lemon juice for 10 minutes to get rid of nail stains.

Bonus: To strengthen them one can soak them in warm olive oil afterwards.

Nettle shampoo – Croatia

When we were little the nettle shampoos where everywhere. They were cheap and everyone used them. What about going back to this habit, especially if you’ve got oily hair? After all, nettle has been used for hair care for hundreds of years. It’s also known to reduce dandruff and hair loss.

Alternative: Australian women add tea tree oil drops to their shampoo to moisturize their scalp and prevent dandruff. While you can find a tea tree oil shampoo for sale, one can also combine the two methods and add tea tree oil drops to a nettle shampoo.

Sea water hair-spray – Australia

Do you like the beachy locks you get after a sea bath? I know I do. If I were the only one, there wouldn’t be saltwater sprays for sale. But you can also bottle your own sea water and use it to style your hair.

Beauty secrets from around the world - aloe

Aloe for hair and skin – The Philippines

In the Philippines women obtain shiny hair by breaking an aloe leaf and rubbing the juice into their hair and scalp. I grow my own aloe as it’s a really easy plant to grow, but one can also buy aloe gel from the store. Due to the nutrients in it, aloe is also a great moisturizer and irritated skin treatment.

Olive oil hair-mask and more – Greece

In the Mediterranean region olive oil is everywhere, not only in salads and all those tasty dishes. Women also use it to moisturize their skin, protect it against the sun, as it has a SPF factor (keep in mind that it’s very low, around 4) and even make their hair shiny. It has a lot of antioxidants and vitamins so it definitely can’t hurt. It’s said that even Greek goddesses considered olive oil their biggest beauty secret.

ulei cocos - Beauty secrets from around the world

Alternative: Hawaiian women use coconut oil as hair treatment to stimulate growth and make it silky. Warm up around a tablespoon in the microwave and  massage it into your scalp. Also use it on split ends and damaged hair. It’s also one of the beauty secrets of the women in Belize that use it on their body skin as a moisturizer.

Next time you buy a beauty product give it a second thought. Maybe you can try a natural option. It might give you much better results than the chemical ingredients without the negative effects.

Did you use any of these beauty secrets? Share your own experiences in the comments below!

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Beauty secrets from around the world

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