Best Cities for a Spring Break in Europe


Winter will soon be over and nature will come back to live. As it gets warmer, we’ll be ready to stay outside longer and discover some new places. Spring is a great time to enjoy what European cities have to offer. Crowds are small, temperatures are pleasant, prices are not at their highest yet and flowers are in bloom.

Even if 2021 won’t be a typical year for travel and we don’t know yet which countries will allow travel, here are 21 recommendations for a spring city-break. This will give you more time to look into the new local rules and decide which of the cities works best for you this spring.

Best Cities for a Spring Break in Europe

Prague, Czech Repubic

Prague - Best European cities for a spring city break

With its beautiful architecture and cobblestone roads, spring is a perfect time to visit Prague. The weather is finally getting warm enough to enjoy exploring the city and the major attractions are relatively uncrowded. Prague has seen a significant increase in tourists in recent years. Visiting during the shoulder season means you can see the city at its best with colorful spring flowers and the hint of summer in the air.

Prague Castle is a highlight of any trip to the castle, as is the famous Charles bridge, studded with statues. Marvel at the astronomical clock in the town center. Then head to one of the highlights of spring in Prague: the Easter Markets. Brightly decorated wooden huts fill the Old Town Square, all stocked with local crafts and, of course, Easter eggs. These eggs aren’t made of chocolate. Instead they’re carefully hand-painted eggs either made from wood or an actual egg shell. Surrounding the huts are blossoming trees, flowers and colorful ribbons, all celebrating this beautiful season.

The food is always delicious at Prague’s market and Easter is no exception. Try the ham roasted on spits, meat dumplings and Prague’s favorite pastry, the trdelník. And, since you’re in the home of the pilsner, take the opportunity to sample one of the famous Czech beers while you’re in the city. Prague is stunning all year round, but the flowers and atmosphere make Spring an especially beautiful time to visit.

Contributed by Roxanne from Faraway Worlds

Valencia, Spain

Las Fallas Fetival Valencia Spain

Spain’s third largest city is both historical and innovative. From the UNESCO listed buildings and traditional neighborhood culture, to the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia offers a range of experiences and spring can be the best time to visit.

A real advantage of visiting Valencia in the spring is avoiding the high summer temperatures. These can soar to over 30 degrees Celsius in July and August! The more moderate temperatures during a spring time visit will allow you to spend your afternoons sightseeing and exploring this engaging city without overheating.

You can also plan to visit Valencia during the loud and colorful “Las Fallas” festival. This takes place annually in March. There are nightly processions showcasing historical costumes and traditional music, along with daily synchronized fireworks explosions all over the city.

Many neighborhoods in Valencia also construct large floats featuring whimsical themes and colorful caricatures. These floats are set ablaze on the last night of the festival when the whole city of Valencia is illuminated by fire and light.

You could also try some tapas, jamon, or paella at a street food fair or visit the “Museo Fallero” to see floats from years past and learn more about the Spanish fiesta of Las Fallas.

Be aware that the Las Fallas festival is joyful, noisy and very loud. You may want to bring some earplugs with you on a spring time visit to Valencia!

Contributed by Claire from ClairePins Travel Reviews

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Plovdiv - best cities in Europe for a spring city-break

Plovdiv is one of the best places to visit in Bulgaria and one of the best cities for a spring break in Europe! European Capital of Culture in 2019 and Europe’s oldest inhabited city, Plovdiv has a lot to offer.

The history of Plovdiv can be traced 8000 years back. There are ancient monuments that might be even older and are very well preserved. The best example is the Roman Theater, which is the greatest achievement in the field of restoration of monuments of antiquity in Bulgaria and one of the best-preserved ancient theaters in the world.

Apart from the Ancient Roman Theater, one of the best things to do in Plovdiv is wander around the Old Town. The well-preserved ancient houses (most of which are museums) and cobblestone streets make it the highlight of the city. The district Kapana (The Trap) is the artistic part of the city. Here you can find some of the best bars, cafes, restaurants, and shops.

Plovdiv is also nicknamed “the city under the hills” because it was built at the foot of seven hills. Hiking one of those hills should also be part of your itinerary. However, the city is usually extremely hot during the summer. So spring might just be the best time to do so. The views of the city from those hills are not to be missed.

Contributed by Bilyana from Owl Over The World

Budapest, Hungary

Buda- best cities in Europe for a spring city-break

Cliché as it might sound, spring is the best time to visit Budapest.

Summers can be scorching hot and packed with tourists. Winters are dreadfully cold, and autumns are most often wet. But spring, glorious spring, comes with mild temperatures (average 15°C in April, 21°C in May, and 23°C in June).

Spring means flowers and cherry blossoms! And yes, there’s a place to see cherry blossoms in Budapest: The ELTE Botanical Gardens (ELTE Füvészkert). Why not plan for a picnic here?

Budapest’s hills are another great place to enjoy fresh air, nature, and stop for a picnic. Normafa has marked trails leading up to Elizabeth Tower. This is free to climb and boasts some spectacular views of the area. You can also take the Children’s’ Railway to Janos Hill stop and then walk to the tower.

Even downtown Budapest can be incredibly charming now. Sign up for a walking tour or just grab a map and go on your own. The Danube Promenade is long and superb. Across the Danube, Castle Hill will take up a lot of your time.

And if you have enough time left, take a day trip to Szentendre. Just an hour by HEV from the capital, there is a charming village, dotted with shops where you can buy souvenirs and check out the marzipan museum. Oh, and it’s right on the Danube!

A fan of music and arts? Budapest Spring Festival takes place in April and features opera, jazz, theatre, circus, visual arts, and more performed at almost 40 venues!

Contributed by Cris from LooknWalk

Seville, Spain

Seville - Best European cities for a spring city break

Spring in the Andalusian capital of Seville is gorgeous as the days are warm and sunny and filled with the fragrance of 14,000 bitter orange trees. There are cobbled streets and outdoor cafes and it is time for several seasonal specials.

Semana Santa is a famous religious celebration that takes place in Seville during Holy Week. The celebration dates from the 16th century and consists of a series of 58 spectacular, but solemn, processions in the week before Easter. There are numerous wooden floats that trundle over the cobblestones, each depicting a Bible story. In other processions, men carry religious statues on their shoulders. All of the processions are spiritually intense and remind everyone of the Passion and death of Christ.

Feria de Abril (April Fair) is a six-day feast of parties, music and local folklore. It’s main focus is Los Remedios on the banks of the Guadalquivir River. The streets are filled with horse-drawn carriages, Sevillanos on their beautiful horses, people in brightly-colored costumes and flamenco dancers that dance to the sound of guitars and castanets.

Contributed by Chrissy from Travel Passionate

Lisbon, Portugal


Want a great place to visit for a spring break in Europe? Lisbon, Portugal is a perfect choice – here’s why.

With extremely beautiful weather all year round, the period from March through May is actually one of the best times to visit Lisbon. The moderate climate makes all those treks up Lisbon’s many hills easy and breezy. Whereas in the summer you might be sweating your face off with hundreds of other tourists!

Because Lisbon is a city that does suffer from mass tourism, visiting Lisbon in the shoulder season (spring or fall) is a perfect choice. You get better deals on accommodations as well as better weather. The attractions in Lisbon will also be less busy, so you can fit more on your Lisbon itinerary without needing to wait in countless lines.

There are also several spring-specific festivals in Lisbon. You can easily take advantage of this with some advance planning in order to secure your trip for the right dates. Spring festivals include Lisbon Fish and Flavors (perfect for foodies and wine lovers), the Belem Music Festival (perfect for music-lovers), IndieLisboa (great for film geeks), and the Lisbon Eco Marathon for the sports-inclined!

Contributed by Allison from Eternal Arrival

Lugano, Switzerland


Located in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino, Lugano is a lakeside town that boasts Mediterranean flair, Swiss culture, and gorgeous scenery.

And the warmer climate of Lugano makes it a perfect place to visit in spring. While most of northern Europe is still waking up from winter, Lugano, similar to the rest of the canton, enjoys warm sunny days ideal for being outside.

Some of the best things to do in Lugano in spring are hiking and biking along the surrounding mountains where you can spot the first wildflowers. Monte Bre, in particular, is a popular tourist stop. It can be reached via funicular rail and offers incredible panoramic views of Lugano as far as the Bernese Alps and northern part of Italy.

Another popular mountain near Lugano that has tons of trails is Monte San Salvatore. While you can ride a funicular, taking a hike to the top offers the ultimate challenge and treats you to magnificent views along the way.

If you have enough time, make sure to take a boat ride along Lake Lugano and visit several small towns located on its shores. However, if you simply want to enjoy the pleasant weather, take a stroll along Lugano’s quaint downtown full of beautiful architecture and historic landmarks.

Contributed by Daria from The Discovery Nut

Malaga, Spain

Malaga - Best European cities for a spring city break

Malaga is a wonderful city to spend your spring break in. Whilst during wintertime the temperature in Malaga remains quite high, it’s the spring that brings the city back to life. The orange trees start to blossom, and the jacaranda flowers cover the streets in a purple coat.

Walking around the streets of Malaga in spring is a pleasure for all senses. The eyes see the beautiful architecture of the city, the nose smells the sweet delicate aroma spread in the air by the orange blossoms, and the mouth tastes the delicious street food the city has to offer.

Spring in Malaga also brings less rain and temperatures going as high as 20 degrees. It is not uncommon to wear short sleeves as soon as February ends. Spring is also when the carnival of Malaga takes place, a fantastic weeklong celebration with parades, concerts and different events taking over the city’s streets.

Even if you plan spending just a weekend in Malaga during spring break, you will be able to enjoy all the attractions the city has to offer, including free entry to most of its museums on Sunday afternoon. Malaga is the hometown of Pablo Picasso, and it has two museums dedicated to his life and work.

By Joanna from The World In My Pocket

Sankt Petersburg, Russia

Sankt Petersburg

St. Petersburg in Russia knows long and harsh winters. Therefore there is no other place in Europe where spring receives such a warm welcome. The beginning of spring is celebrated with a week long pancake festival called Maslenitsa. As the weather warms up and the palace gardens start to bloom it is when the city truly comes alive.

Spring brings a bunch of other festivals to St. Petersburg. Easter is very important in the orthodox church and is widely celebrated throughout the city. A great time to visit some of the many churches, cathedrals and monasteries in St. Petersburg. In the beginning of May are the public holidays of labor day and victory day that often see street parties, parades and fireworks. Furthermore, St. Petersburg has its official birthday on the 27th of May.

St Petersburg might still be a bit chilly compared to other places in Europe in spring. But if you dress warm it is the perfect weather to explore the city. Another advantage is that it is still a relatively quiet time without the summer tourist crowds. With so much events going on it is important not to overlook the city’s attractions, of which there are so many.

You can easily spend 4 days in St. Petersburg to see the city’s highlights. The Hermitage museum alone could take up a full day of your time. Another day could be spent walking around the scenic center to explore the canals, bridges, churches and wealthy mansions of 19th century Russia. Then there are the elegant palaces from the Romanovs in and around the city with beautiful gardens to wander around in. Spring really offers a variety of things to do in St .Petersburg, making it the perfect spring break in Europe.

Contributed by Ellis from Backpack Adventures

Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb - Best European cities for a spring city break

The capital of Croatia, Zagreb, is one of the best cities for a spring break in Europe. Once the weather gets warmer, the city offers plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy sun rays.

Wandering the streets of Zagreb is one of the best ways to get to know the city. Its colorful streets filled with gorgeous architecture will keep you surprised at every corner.

There are plenty of things to do in Zagreb, but strolling down its massive parks and enjoying a picnic, is one of the favorite things for locals and travelers during this time of the year. Maksimir Park, with its lakes, dense forests, and tree-lined avenues, is a famous place for that.

Dolac market is the all-year-round open-air fair where you can buy local produce and souvenirs. During the springtime, enjoy fresh fruits right from the farmers to fuel up for the day ahead.

More active travelers would love cycling around Jarun, the artificial lake a bit out of the center. The bike-hire is available right at the entrance, while cafes facing the waters can be a great spot to relax.

If you happen to be there over the weekend, save Sunday morning to browse a flea and antiques market at Britanski Trg before heading to the nearby cafe to have a late breakfast and enjoy a coffee.

Contributed by Baia from Red Fedora Diary

Dublin, Ireland

St. Patrick's Parade Dublin

Friendly faces, rich history, and walkable cobblestone streets greet visitors to Dublin with open arms. The refreshing spring weather, warm enough but not too warm, makes the perfect backdrop for the walkable city of Dublin. It’s not as overwhelming as bigger cities like London or Berlin, but there are still plenty of reasons to visit Dublin in the spring.

Explore the towering Dublin Castle or historic Trinity College. Walk across the Ha’Penny bridge and go shopping along the River Liffey. Nearby, explore Christ Church Cathedral or St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Be sure to take some time to relax in St. Stephen’s Green, especially on a sunny day. One of the best things to do in spring is celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin.

St. Patrick’s Day is actually a week-long event in the city. Be sure to pack plenty of green – legend has it that the green makes you invisible to leprechauns. Locals may pinch you if you’re not wearing green!  While you will see a sea of green throughout the city, it’s more than just day drinking and partying. There are plenty of food specials and entertainment throughout the city that culminate with an epic parade on St. Patrick’s Day!

Spending spring break in Dublin would be a week to remember!

Contributed by Pamela from The Directionally Challenged Traveler 

Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal

Funchal Madeira

The most picturesque and colorful place in Europe in spring is probably… Madeira Island, a small Portuguese island on the Atlantic Ocean. It is known by tourists as “The Flower Island”, but spring is not only special because it is the time when Madeira is in bloom. April and May is also when the Madeira Flower Festival takes place and Funchal, the island’s main city, starts preparing for its annual Flower Parade.

Dancers, singers, performers of all ages dressed in beautiful, bright flower costumes, overwhelming amounts of exotic flowers, beautiful colors and great atmosphere – this is what you can expect. The May Flower Parade usually takes place on the first Sunday of the festival and is a beautiful spectacle to attend. The Flower Parade isn’t all, however. The entire Flower Festivals lasts over 3 weeks and offers visitors an amazing opportunity to enjoy art installations, flower carpets, attend live concerts and flower-inspired fashion shows, visit the Flower Market and more. Last year, this festival was postponed and merged with the Wine Festival. But hopefully in 2021 we will be able to enjoy again the Flower Festival in its normal season.

So if you love flowers, dance, bright colors, and great spring vibe – the Madeira Flower Festival is definitely a place to be.

Contributed by Edyta from SayYesToMadeira

Dubrovnik, Croatia

dubrovnik - Best European cities for a spring city break

One of the most amazing cities for a spring break is certainly Dubrovnik. It is located in Croatia, in the very south of the country and is one of the most important attractions in the country. There are so many interesting places to see and things to do in Dubrovnik.

The city is especially famous for its historic old town. It has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979 and attracts visitors with its many interesting sights and museums. Another important attraction is the city wall of Dubrovnik. This surrounds the entire city center with a length of about 2 kilometers. During a walk over the wall you can also enjoy a breathtaking view over the red roofs and the deep blue sea.

Another highlight are the beautiful beaches! During a spring vacation you can enjoy a whole series of picture book dream beaches with turquoise blue sea, fine pebbles and fantastic flair. The many cool beach clubs also provide for an exuberant time at the sea.

But also the area around Dubrovnik is worth visiting. One of the most popular spots for an excursion is the offshore island Lokrum. It is under nature protection and can be easily reached by ferry from the old town. Boat trips to the Elaphites, to Mljet or Korcula are also popular. If you like, you can also take a day trip to Montenegro, which is only 50 kilometers away from Dubrovnik.

Contributed by Martina & Jürgen from PlacesOfJuma

Venice, Italy

Venice - Best European cities for a spring city break

Venice, probably one of the most famous destinations in Italy, is a delight visiting in spring. As carnival is over and the big crowds are gone, Venice emerges every spring from long and breezy winter with beautiful and fun festivals and events packed with love. Venice’s patron is Saint Mark, celebrated on 25th of April with a beautiful gondoliers’ regatta, commemorations at Saint Marks’ Basilica and festivities on the same named square in front of the basilica. On this day men give their wives (or girlfriends) a “bocolo” – a single rosebud to show their love.

In May you shouldn’t miss the wedding of the year in Venice, the Festa della Sensa, where they celebrate Venice’s marriage to the sea. Hundreds of rowing boats fill the canals in a big procession. The highlight is a symbolic wedding ceremony where the mayor and the patriarch give their blessings.  It doesn’t have a set date, but it takes place 40 days after Ester. Another fun festival in May or June (on Whitsunday) is Vogalonga, a rowing regatta open to all rowing fans with all kinds of boats as long as they are moved by human strength (so no engines or sails).

As you can see, there are some romantic and fun festivals taking place in the lagoon city of Venice. As for what to pack, you should know it can be quite chilly and windy, but also sunny and warm. The best is to check the weather forecast before your trip. In either case, bring good walking shoes and if you can, choose accommodation in the city as it will give you a special view of Venice in the morning and evening, when all the day-trippers leave.

Contributed by Simona from Slovenians Travel

Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

Cagliari is located in South Sardinia and is definitely one of the best cities in Europe to visit in spring. Not only are there so many wonderful things to do, but due to its position, it is blessed with mild temperatures all year round.  Of course, you will be visiting Cagliari out of season. So you won’t have the crowds or the uncomfortable temperatures the summer months bring.

Annually on May 1st, there is an important Sardinian festival – The Feast of Sant’Efisio. This festival dates back to 1652 and you will witness 100 Sardinian villages parade through the streets to celebrate a soldier who saved Cagliari from the plague.

Besides this special festival, there are numerous things you can do in Cagliari in spring. For example, the temperature will be one of the hottest in Europe. This means that you can enjoy the famous Sardinian beaches without the summer tourists. Relax on the city beach “Poetto” or take a road or bus trip to paradise in Villasimius. It is also a perfect temperature to hike the Devil’s Saddle overlooking Poetto Beach or to see the wild flamingos at Molentargius National Park.

You certainly won’t run out of exciting things to do. In the city, you can explore the quaint streets of the Castello Quarter, visit a Roman Amphitheatre, go to the National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari and enjoy the fresh market “Mercato di San Benedetto”.  It is truly a beautiful city to visit in Europe. What more could you possibly want?

Contributed by Rachel from Average Lives

Belfast, Northern Ireland

belfast - Best European cities for a spring city break

Belfast is a city in Northern Ireland. It is a lovely walking city – relatively flat, with a small downtown core. It has delicious restaurants, fun bars, great shopping, and a lot to explore.

One of the best things to do in Belfast is to take a private cab tour of the “Troubles”. The “Troubles” refers to 30 years of civil unrest (that only ended in 1998) between Irish Catholics and Protestants. Over 3600 people died. The 90 minute tour takes you into the most contentious areas where some of the worst conflicts occurred. To this day, there is still tension in these neighborhoods, and barbed wire, fencing and gates that separate Protestant and Catholic neighborhoods. As well as walking the neighborhoods and learning about the history, you explore some extraordinary street art. It is a pretty cool experience.

Another must-do activity is to take a day trip from Belfast and drive 90 minutes to the stunning Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge. Both outdoor experiences offer spectacular walks and hikes along rugged cliffs and beaches. You will get to see some extraordinary natural beauty. Spring is a fantastic time to visit both as the crowds are much smaller than summer. However, like any time of the year, the weather in Ireland and Northern Ireland is unpredictable. It can cool down quickly or rain near the Atlantic Ocean. So make sure you bring appropriate outerwear.

Contributed by Nicole from Go Far Grow Close

Strasbourg, France


Spring is the best season to visit Strasbourg, in the region of Alsace, France. Sure, everybody wants to see the city’s Christmas markets, but the days are too short and cold, and the city is too crowded.

In spring, the sun shines, the sky is blue, and the temperature is ideal until June when it gets too hot. Spring also marks the arrival of the storks in Strasbourg and all Alsace

Spring in Strasbourg is considered shoulder season. So you will find cheaper train or flight tickets and you can do all the sightseeing without the summer or the Christmas crowds.

The list of things to do in Strasbourg is long and can keep you busy for a week or more. Apart from the top tourist attractions, food and wine tastings, and bike strolls in La Petite France or the European neighborhood, spring comes with many exciting events like the Contemporary Art Weekend (every year in March), the European Days of Crafts, DIY workshops, gardening workshops, or the 48h of Urban Agriculture. Then, there are also the spring festivals, like the Pelpass, Makerland, the NL contest, or Contre Temps.

Strasbourg is well connected with Paris by TGV trains (count on taking it 2 hours) but also with many cities in Germany, like Frankfurt, or Manheim.

Contributed by Elisa from France Bucket List

Athens, Greece

athens greece

The capital of Greece, Athens, is one of the oldest cities in the world where it is possible to see historical monuments dating back to ancient times.

Athens is great in any season because the Greek city has a lot to offer its visitors. But there is something magical about the city in spring. The blossoms and outdoor cafes opening up really brings the city to a colorful, new life.

One of the main reasons to visit Athens in spring is, of course, the legendary Acropolis which is less crowded during the springtime and far easier to visit. Visiting the Acropolis is an essential thing to do in Athens, and the weather is ideal in spring to see it with your own eyes.

Another reason to visit Athens in spring is that the city is waking up from winter hibernation and the cozy cafes in old neighborhoods are reopening their terraces. This gives you the chance to enjoy your coffee or Greek food from the outside, admiring the views of the city.

Spring is also another time to take advantage of some great Athens day trips such as a visit to one of the Saronic Islands (Aegina, Agistri, and Hydra are fantastic options). These islands are not yet in high-season and while a few establishments may be closed, you will get to peruse the quiet streets before the hustle and bustle of summer crowds arrive.

In May, you will have the opportunity to participate in the Athens Digital Arts Festival, a fascinating festival with interactive installations, video, and animation art.

And finally, another top reason to visit Athens in spring is that you can enjoy Greek Independence Day on March 25. This is celebrated with national dances, traditional food, and a lot of laughs and smiles.

Contributed by Megan Starr

Palermo, Sicily, Italy


Palermo is the capital of the island of Sicily in the South- East of Italy. The island boasts an incredible amount of sun and has an average temperature of 25°C in spring time. It is the ideal spring getaway if you are looking to escape the cold or boost your vitamin D after the winter on a relatively low budget.

Italy is known for their delicious food and regional specialties. One of the additional reasons you might want to pop over to Sicily is their incredible streetfood scene. Make sure to stock up on comfort foods such as pizza and pasta, but leave some room for specialties like Arancina (fried rice balls containing ragu or the vegetarian alternative a la norma). The Antica Focacceria San Francesco is located in the heart of the old town and serves a wide variety of different traditional streetfood. If you are feeling adventurous, you might even try a focaccia Maritata – a sandwich filled with spleen, ricotta and cheese. There are long lines at the take out counter to grab this sandwich on the go – locals and tourists alike love this local delicacy.

Before checking Palermo of your list, be sure to pop into some of the beautiful local churches. The ones you want to visit for sure are: Church of Gesu, San Giuseppe dei Teatini and the beautiful Church of San Cataldo. All conveniently located within walking distance of each other and of the Focacceria mentioned previously.

Contributed by Caroline from Veggie Wayfarer

Almeria, Spain


A highly underrated destination in Europe, that has so much to offer, is the coastal city, Almeria. With the stunning Alcazaba fortress as the main attraction, the impressive Moorish walls are made of three layers and houses, squares, and even a mosque were built inside it. Castillo de San Cristobal is a hilltop fortified fortress worth visiting and you can see a second set of fortified walls.

After you have spent some time getting lost in the streets of the old town of Almeria, make sure you visit Almeria Cathedral. This is built in the same place where used to be a mosque that got destroyed by an earthquake a couple of years earlier. But Almeria is also known for its beaches, which are beautiful to go for a stroll along in spring. You might not go swimming (or you might), but it definitely makes for icecream.

Spring is also the best time to go hiking in Almeria’s mountains where you can enjoy river trails like Rio Molinos flourishing or top hikes like the highest peak in Almeria, El Chullo Sierra Nevada, at an altitude of 2613m, which surprisingly is an easy 4-hour hike. The Natural Park of Cabo de Gata is also close to the city. There you can enjoy some of the best beaches in Spain and breathtaking coastal walks.

Contributed by Linn Haglund from Andalucia Hiking

Paris, France


You will love Spring in Paris. After the cold winter months, the days are longer, the gardens and parks are in full bloom, and the café terraces are again fun places to be. From March to May, Paris’ weather is a bit of a hit and miss, especially in early Spring. But there are also many glorious days of sunshine and blue sky, perfect for exploring the city without the summer’s high temperatures.

Spring in Paris is considered shoulder season so you will find more accommodation options and better prices and you can visit the top tourist sites without the summer crowds.

In Spring, don’t miss the cherry blossoms in the gardens and parks, between late March and April. This season is also great for exploring the city on two wheels, and the first picnic in the parks or along the canals. In late Spring, you may find the first rooftop bars open too.

 If you visit Paris in 3 days or more, don’t miss the opportunity of visiting one of the picturesque small towns near Paris or one of the royal chateaus. April marks the beginning of the water and music festivals in the Gardens of Versailles. Or you can stroll around Château de Fontainebleau dressed in a royal costume.

Contributed by Elisa from World in Paris

Amsterdam, Holland

Photo by Catalina Fedorova on Unsplash

Amsterdam is a great destination at any time of the year. I’ve actually been there in February and enjoyed my time there. But spring really brings out the best of it and the countryside. After all, Amsterdam is a great city to cycle around. It’s not so much fun to do so when rain pours.

Flowers will be blooming everywhere. But for the best experience head to Keukenhof Gardens for a world-known flower show from March to May. After that hire a bike and cycle around the countryside looking for the most colorful tulip field. Amsterdam also organizes a tulip festival that one can attend throughout the month of April.

But this is not the only festival one can attend in Spring. On April 27th, Amsterdam celebrates the King’s Day. On this one day, orange becomes the new black on the streets of the city. Besides, parties are everywhere, on boats, in bars, in residential houses and the largest of them all, on the streets.

Another festival that takes place in spring is Liberation day, on the 5th of May. The entire country celebrates the liberation from German troops in 1945. Concerts and special events will be organized in every town, including a floating concert on the Amstel river. Even the king and queen attend it.

Contributed by Raluca from TravelWithASpin

So here you have it. 21 cities in Europe that one would be happy to visit at any time of the year, but shine at their best during spring time. Which one is your favorite? Answer in the comments!

best cities for a spring break in Europe recommendations best cities for a spring break in Europe recommendations

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