An epic stay at The Tower Hotel, London

london tower bridge hotel view

It was an awkwardly warm October evening with no sign of rain, as always when I am in London 🙂 .I can’t believe those that say that in London it is always raining. 10 people in line at the reception of The Tower Hotel. I thought it would take forever to get into my room, in less than 5 minutes, I was already talking to a nice young girl at the desk.

-“Your first time with us?”
-“Yes.” (shyly, thinking about what gave me up)
-“In this case, I have a nice room for you.” (with a big smile)
-“Could this really mean what I think it means?” (silently, only to myself)

And then I went up to my room, I looked over the window from the door and… nothing, only the lights and Thames. Hmm, no, probably just a nice welcome from the receptionist. I started to unpack without even approaching the window. But then I wanted a little fresh air and I got next to the window and there it was, just a little to my right. I could see it fully, closer than I ever thought it could be. The girl at the reception really meant it. I would have the best London view directly from my room, day and night, for the next 3 days.

The Tower Bridge, London
The Tower Bridge, London

The staff

The first thing you will notice will be the reception, of course. Huge, aired and with friendly young receptionists ready to help you. Even if you don’t speak English, it’s not a big issue. I’ve heard them talking also Spanish, French, German and even Romanian. The cleaning staff is also meticulous, your room will be cleaned every day (if you don’t have the DND postcard on the door). Teabags, water, coffee, shampoo, shower gel and towels will be replaced if needed.


It lies on The Thames, just next to the Tower of London and The London Bridge. The subway is also really close, but you might prefer just to follow the river and get to the London Eye and Big Ben. You can stay in the city center as long as you want, without the fear that if you miss the last train you won’t be able to find your way home. Just follow the river, the river knows the way. You could also go on walking tours to different parts of London and be able to get back easily. The rooms are quiet and they face either the river or the St Katherine’s Dock.

The Tower Bridge at night, London
The Tower Bridge at night, London

The View

If you’re lucky and get a room with view to the bridge, you might even see it lift for a passing ship directly from your bed. (Just to increase your chances, you can check the schedule at the foot of the bridge or here). The windows are as wide as the wall, so you will get an 180° view of the bridge and the Shard skyscraper or of St. Katherine’s Dock and the city.

The rooms

The rooms at The Tower Hotel are beautifully decorated, sparkling clean, of a great size for London, full of little extras and with a comfy bed with more pillows than you will ever need. All the rooms have a flat-screen and Freeview channels. I did not use it, but it might be useful if you are the kind of guy that likes to watch Vikings while on the road.


You can get a good, diversified buffet breakfast at the restaurant or you can ask for breakfast in the room. Also, in the elevator, there is a short schedule of the busiest and less busy times to take breakfast at the restaurant. In case you are not in a hurry, it is easy to spot a quieter time. If you don’t feel like eating at the hotel every day or want to sleep in, take advantage of the central position of the hotel and check out these places for a bottomless brunch in London.

Thames, London
Thames, London


There is also have a fitness center, which I was not too eager to test. Sorry, but you will have to do this for yourself. I am not such a sportive person, especially when I travel. The Tower Hotel also has a restaurant and a bar where you can watch the tower for as long as you want in its entire splendor.

Unfortunately, I was so happy with the view and the little extras in the room, that I totally forgot to take any pictures of the room itself, but I can assure you that the ones of Booking are real.

Where did you stay when you visited London? Would you consider The Tower Hotel?

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