The Best 7 Day Trips You Can Take from Munich

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Munich was interesting, but not really my piece of cake. I was expecting a larger old city center and a all in one more romantic city, but I had somehow overlooked the WWII part and the fact that it has been highly industrialized since then. There are a lot of museums to visit, monuments, BMW factory, breweries and green parks, but it’s not as charming as I thought it would be. If you’re like me, and it’s not Oktoberfest season, after one day or two you’ll feel the need to see something different. Besides, in order to fully experience Bavaria, you have to get out of the city at some point. Fortunately, there’s an endless list of captivating tourist attractions close by that you can get to see on day trips.

Bavaria’s largest city has a highly reputable public transport system which means that one can get in nearby cities faster by train than it would take by car. Other places, it might take longer to reach by train and need several connections. This might not be a good idea if you only have a few days. The easiest way to travel around in this case is by car which gives you both freedom and flexibility. If you don’t have one, you can also book a guided tour which will take away from you the planning, stress and risks. You’ll also get a local guide who can tell you the background story of the places you visit.

Time to get out and explore!

7 best day trips from Munich:

1. Nuremberg – one of the easiest day trips from Munich (1h)

Hospital Nuremberg day trip from Munich

Nuremberg is a medieval town with quite a spectacular old town and a sinister Nazi-past. If you are visiting Germany in December, then the Christmas markets in Nuremberg will be looking forward to impress you too.

The settlement of Nuremberg is one of the oldest cities in Bavaria and one of its main artistic and cultural hubs. Take a walk through the historic old town, on the Hangman’s Bridge and city walls up to the medieval Kaiserburg (emperor’s castle). The Imperial Castle will also give you a vantage point from where you can overlook much of the city. Nuremberg is frequently associated with the Nazis as it hosted both the propaganda marches at the old Nazi Party Rally Grounds and  the Nuremberg Trials, where Nazi officers were tried after WWII for their crimes. Although most of the city was destroyed during World War II, many of the beautiful Gothic buildings and churches have been restored.

I highly recommend taking an underground tour and tasting the famous red beer brewed in the city.

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Recommended way to travel: By high-speed it only takes one hour and it runs every half hour . By regional train or car it takes a little under two hours. Take into consideration that parking is expensive in Nuremberg.

2. Neuschwanstein Castle – the most romantic of the day trips from Munich(1 hour 40 minutes)

Neuschwanstein Castele Bavaria Munich Germany

The most romantic day trip from Munich is the fairy tale Neuschwanstein Castle. Artfully designed, breathtaking in its beauty and in a splendid setting far away from any city, it will meet the expectations of any traveler.

Schloss Neuschwanstein, as it is called in German, was commissioned by King Ludwig II in 1868. Its construction began in 1869 but didn’t end until after Ludwig’s death, in 1886. Despite its appearance, the castle was never meant to serve any defensive purpose, but to be a place of escape and retreat just for himself. It’s captivating and was the source of inspiration for Walt Disney’s famous castles.

Next to Neuschwanstein, stands Hohenschwangau, the castle built by Ludwig’s father, where he spent his childhood. The closest town is Füssen, a charming little town in Bavarian style that’s only 15 minutes away from the castles and worth a little wander.

As I’m sure many of you also want to see in reality the “castle of all castles”, it can’t miss from a list of the best day trips from Munich.

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Recommended way to travel: definitely by car or guided tour.

3. Ingolstadt and Audi factory (55 min)

Audi museum and factory Ingolstadt

Do you want to watch all the phases a machine goes through because you can drive it? Then a trip to Audi factory in Ingolstadt should definitely be on your to do list. While I recognize that I didn’t understand everything we were shown, I still enjoyed it. A guide took us through the factory and we were able to safely watch how machines were produced.

First we were taken to the robots area. It was amazing to watch how huge metal arms rotated machine parts in the air and stuck them right where they were supposed to. I was even more impressed by the human area. There was a band with several posts and each car passed from one to another in a minute or two. In that time at each post 2 or three people performed different tasks, like connecting some cables or the steering wheel. Never have I seen such a demonstration of coordination before.  I’m sure guys will appreciate the factory tour even more.

Ingolstadt is also a nice town to wander around, with a pedestrian-friendly maze in the historic center. The architecture of the buildings is beautiful. Be sure to look for the Minister of Our Lady Church and its large stained glass,the Rathausplatz, Herzogsschloss and the Kreuztor.

Recommended way to travel: by train or car if you have one. It takes the same amount of time.

4. Regensburg (90 min)

regensburg old town bavaria Germany

Regensburg is a lovely and well preserved medieval town. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its fascinating architecture and history. This remarkable city was founded on the banks of Danube in 179 AD under the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. It started to flourish after the Stone Bridge opened up the international trade routes between Europe and Venice. The city was even the capital of Bavaria between 530 and 1180 AD. The Wittelsbachs,  appointed the rulers of Bavaria in 1180, decided to move the capital to Munich.

The city is worth a day trip from Munich. The highlights include the Cathedral of St Peter, the Stone Bridge, the Bridge Tower, the ‘Salt Barn’ and Wurstkuchl, the historic sausage kitchen of Regensburg.

Recommended way to travel: by train, car or guided tour. There are direct trains from the central station every hour. You might be tempted to connect it with Ingolstadt, as we did it, or Nuremberg. Don’t do it! The town deserves a day by itself and has enough attractions to keep you busy an entire day. We only got there in the evening, after visiting Ingolstadt, and would have loved to have more time there.

5. Bamberg (2h 30 min)

Bamberg Townhall Bavaria Germany

I fell in love at first sight with Bamberg. I knew that its city center was on the UNESCO world heritage list and had seen photos of its city hall before, but only thought of it as a pretty and short stop on a road trip. What I did not expect was to find an entire town as cute as its name sounds. I think I involuntarily associate Bamberg with Bambi or the more modern Bumble Bee. After a stroll in the old town, you could not blame me for this. It survived WWII almost without a scratch. That’s why the medieval architecture is almost intact, compared to other cities in Bavaria, like Nuremberg. It looks like the perfect venue for a Disney movie, with little brightly painted houses, cobblestone winding alleys and large squares. Do not miss the unique smoked beer brewed following the local centuries-old traditions.

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Recommended way to travel: The easiest way to get to Bamberg from Munich is by train. There is a direct train every hour. The car is also a good option.

6. Würzburg (2h 10 min)

Wurzburg day trip from Munich Germany

Do you want to have a glass of wine at sunset on one of Europe’s most beautiful bridges? Or maybe stroll along a stylish pedestrian street? Be amazed by the diverse architecture of the past centuries? Would you like to climb a steep path or relax in a boat? Würzburg has it all and is the ideal place to go on a day trip from Muinch, even if it’s a bit farther.

Recommended way to travel: The easiest way to get to Würzburg from Munich is by train. The high-speed train takes two hours. By car it takes a little longer, but it is also a good option, especially if you’re interested in the area around the town.

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7. Rothenburg ob der Tauber (2h 45 min)

Rothenburgob der Tauber day trip from Munich

This small town is quite far away and you might hesitate a little before taking the trip. At the same time, it is the most beautiful town in Bavaria that I’ve seen and if you happen to be in the area in December, it’s a must. While I’m sure it looks great in any season, I felt like Christmas was born there.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is probably the best place to travel back in time. This walled town is one of Europe’s best preserved towns and one of the most picturesque. Its pastel-colored, half-timber buildings, narrow passageways, store fronts, towers and beautiful churches attract visitors from all over the world. The houses that once were the shame of the town are now its pride and what makes it known around the world.

Go up early and be prepared for a wonderful day trip! Take your camera or smartphone with you and discover the picture-perfect streets the best way possible, on foot. You won’t even notice how fast the time will fly while you wander around.

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Recommended way to travel: By train you should change it 3 times and it’s not the most feasible choice. A rented car or a tour is a much better option.

Munich is an interesting city to visit, but I appreciated even more its location that makes it an even better city to do day trips from! One can easily travel around to historic cities packed with medieval architecture, museums and cathedrals, to mountain peaks in the Bavarian Alps, to fairy-tale castles or discover parts of the Romantic Road. Go ahead and pick the day trip or day trips that suit you the best!

Which day trip from Munich would you take first? Answer in the comments!

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Best 7 day trips from Munich Bavaria

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Best Day trips from Munich Germany Bavaria

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