Top 15 towns to spend a romantic weekend in Romania

Cele mai frumoase orașe din România pentru un weekend romantic de Valentinețs Day sau Dragobete

Valentine’s Day, the 1st and 8th of March are fast approaching, as well as many other weekends with friendlier weather. All of them perfect for a romantic getaway. After all, you don’t need a special occasion to spend time with your loved one and, if possible, go somewhere, closer or farther from home. Paris, Rome, Bruges are already known destinations in the top of romantics everywhere. But what about Romania? It also has a lot of beautiful places where you could spend a few dream moments and a day dedicated to love of its own, on the 24th of February.

Here are the most bohemian cities in Romania for a romantic weekend:

1. Constanța – a romantic weekend at the seaside

Piața Ovidiu din Constanța - orașe romantice din România

In winter, the sea can be more enchanting than in summer. The coast is deserted, the wind hisses, the waves break with the shore, and you sit in a warm room in the arms of your loved one and enjoy this show.

If you are lucky enough to have a few hours of sunshine, the Casino seafront is the ideal place for a romantic walk. In addition, the sunrise is late enough that you don’t have to wake up very early in order to see it. However, check whether the sky will be full of clouds or not before the night before.

The sea gives Constanța an unique charm. But there is much more to see. Check out the Maritime Museum, the roman mosaic and the port.

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2. Sighișoara – a romantic weekend with medieval flavour

Sighișoara - orașe în care poți petrece un weekend romantic în România

Sighișoara, with its medieval fortress, narrow streets, colorful houses and church on top of the hill, is definitely in the top of the most romantic cities in Romania.

A tour of the fortress should include the Monastery Church, the Shingle House, the Venetian House, Vlad the Devil’s House, the Deer House, the School Stairs, the Church on the Hill, the towers and bastions left standing. If you want to pleasantly surprise your partner, invite him to admire together the view from the Clock Tower. Then go for a cake at the Tin House (Casa Cositorarului). Even the graveyard with cobbled alleys and old moss-covered stones looks like a mysterious and romantic place.

And if you want to end the evening in a setting that reminds you of the time of the knights and ladies, you can try Hotel Sighișoara, located right in the heart of the city.

Spend a few days in Sighișoara and find out the legends behind the most beautiful places in the city.

3. Bucharest

Palatul Parlamentului București

Bucharest, with all its flaws, can be a perfect destination for a romantic weekend, if you come with an open mind. At least you won’t run out of things to do.

A walk along its central boulevards will show you why it has been nicknamed “Little Paris”. Take your partner for a walk through Cișmigiu Park and on the old streets of the historic center. Look for the beautiful Little Stravropoleos Church and share your secrets on a bench in its little hidden garden. The palaces on Calea Victoriei, the Village Museum, the Athenaeum, Manuc’s Inn, the Spring Palace and the Parliament Palace are other places you can discover together.

In the evening, admire the capital from a rooftop bar such as Sole, Sky Bar, Allhambra or 18 Lounge. The combination of old and modern buildings, numerous parks and great locations offers an unforgettable view.

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4. Sinaia – a romantic weekend in a royal town

Sinaia - un oraș regal pentru un weekend romantic in Romania

The small town of Sinaia and its royal palaces can be the backdrop of a beautiful love story. Carol I was impressed by the beauty of the area and decided to build his summer residence here.

The castles of Peleș and Pelișor are the architectural jewels of the resort town. In their yard you will come across stone benches, a stream, sculptures and a fountain of desires. The high peaks of the Bucegi Mountains beautifully frame the royal house and give the town a special charm.

In addition to the castles, in Sinaia you will find spectacular villas, a chic park and fresh mountain air. In addition, in winter in Sinaia you can practice various seasonal sports activities, from skiing and snowboarding to sledding, depending on your skills.

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5. Iași


The largest city in Moldova is also a pleasant place to spend a weekend in two. The city was the host and source of inspiration for some of the most important Romanian writers.

Become a child again for a few minutes at Creangă’s hut in the Ticău neighborhood. This is where the narrator began to write his memoirs. On a romantic walk through Copou Park you will come across Eminescu’s linden, a tree over 250 years old, witness to many love stories.

Another place not to be missed in Iași is the Palace of Culture, the host of various exhibitions, from those dedicated to history, to radio techniques and customs. Some of these are permanent and some are temporary. The building with monumental steps and fountains attracts all eyes in the evening, when it is beautifully lit.

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6. Brașov


Brașov is another city in Romania that attracts romantic couples due to its medieval atmosphere.

The city at the foot of Tâmpa boasts the Black Church, the largest Gothic church in Southeast Europe, the bustling Council Square and centuries-old defense towers. Stroll through its streets in search of the oldest and most beautiful houses, but also Rope Street, the narrowest street in the country.

You can take the cable car to Tâmpa and admire the dream view together. In the cold season, the snow layer makes the city look enchanting.

If you are afraid of the famous crowds on the streets, go by train. In winter, the city is not very crowded and you can have it all for yourself.

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7. Sibiu

Sibiu - orașe în pare poți petrece un weekend romantic de Sf. Valentin sau Dragobete

Sibiu always surprises us with its colorful houses, winding alleys, good food and festivals.

The Great Square surrounded by imposing houses with eye-shaped windows on the roofs, the Bridge of Lies with the legends behind its name and the House of the Calfs with its studded pole are some of the places that will make you want to see more. For the most beautiful views over the city, climb the Council Tower or the Evangelical Church.

Sibiu is one of the most beautiful cities in the country and an ideal place for a romantic weekend.

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8. Târgu Mureș

Târgu Mureș

Târgu Mureș has an impressive collection of sights and stories waiting to be discovered. Time has spoken, and the city has a long history, marked by the mixture of ethnicities and religions in the city and the area.

In the center of the city, on an area of ​​4 hectares, lies the Medieval Fortress. It was built in the 17th century on the site of a 15th century fortification. Some of the brick walls, the gate tower and 6 bastions remain, each belonging to a guild: Tăbăcari, Măcelari, Blănari, Dogari, Lăcătuşi and Croitori. Inside, there is a park, the favorite place for wedding photography among locals.

Other special architectural landmarks are the Palace of Culture and the Franciscan Tower. An interesting feature of the city is given by the inner courtyards. As you walk along the main boulevard, you will notice small tunnels through which one can reach behind the buildings. Don’t hesitate to do it. You will discover chic terraces, a summer theater, a huge hookah or simply an inner courtyard where life unfolds in the quiet rhythm specific to Transylvania for hundreds of years.

The city is quite clean, quiet and sometimes seems frozen in time. People are welcoming and have that candor that you only find in Transylvania. If you decide to dedicate it a weekend, I am convinced it will charm you.

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9. Oradea

Oradea - oraș romantic pentru Dragobete și Valentine's Day

Oradea is a special city, with palaces in Art-Nouveau, secession and baroque styles, a fortress and other tourist attractions that pleasantly surprise any visitor. This is due to the history and multiculturality that characterized it from the beginning, almost 1000 years ago.

In recent years, the city has focused on renovating architectural jewels in the old town. The best known of these is the Black Eagle Palace. Its name is given by the emblematic stained glass window at the entrance to the inner passage. The facade is richly decorated with floral motifs and embossed characters.

Another symbol of the city is the pentagonal Renaissance fortress, with bastions on the corners. In the moat, a beautiful dendrological park has been arranged.

Nearby are the thermal baths Băile Felix and Băile 1 Mai. Oradea is the perfect place for a romantic weekend where you can combine culture with relaxation at a modern spa.

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10. Cluj-Napoca

Cluj-Napoca - orase din România pentru un weekend romantic

The city of Cluj-Napoca is another romantic destination suitable for any occasion. Visitors are drawn to the hospitality of the locals, the history found at every step and the stories behind the buildings and sights, some dating back to the Middle Ages.

Union Square is the center of the cultural and social life of the city in the heart of Transylvania. In the middle of it are the Roman remains of the old Napoca settlement, the Church of St. Michael and the statue of Matthew Corvinus. The square is surrounded by historic buildings with outstanding architecture. These include Banffy Palace, which houses the Art Museum, the town hall, the Continental Hotel, which dates back to 1894, the National Bank and two mirrored buildings.

Nearby are the House of Matthew Corvinus and the Museum Square, a favorite meeting place for locals, always populated and full of life. In addition to modern terraces, here you can search the stalls of folk craftsmen in search of small treasures that will remind you of the little getaway for two.

If it’s not very cold, take a walk on the Citadel Hill, from where you can admire the entire city, or through the Botanical Garden, one of the most beautiful in Romania.

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11. Târgu Jiu

Targu Jiu Poarta Sarutului Brancuși

Târgu Jiu probably wouldn’t be on this list if it had not been for Brâncuși. The artist born in Hobita, 30 km away from Târgu Jiu, created the sculptures that today make up the monumental ensemble “The Path of Heroes”. In addition to the visual impact on visitors, they have overwhelming symbols attached, related to the souls of the heroes who sacrificed themselves for their country.

Art lovers and not only will be delighted to swear eternal love to the Pillar of Infinity and show their tenderness in front of the Kiss Gate. The Alley of Chairs and the Table of Silence are also part of the same ensemble.

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12. Târgu Secuiesc

Târgu Secuiesc

Located in the shadow of the most famous Transylvanian cities, Brașov, Sibiu and Sighișoara, Târgu Secuiesc seems forgotten by the world. However, once you get there, you wonder why you didn’t find out about it earlier.

The center of the town is located in the central square, around which, 500 years ago, houses were built for craftsmen and their families. As time went on, the families grew, and the inner courtyards turned into real streets.

The most important attraction in the city is the Guilds’ Museum, where you can go back in medieval times, when guilds made the law in Transylvania. The museum also has a precious collection of dolls dressed in Romanian folk costumes resulting from a children’s competition. Another special museum is the Porcelain Dolls Museum just a few steps away.

On the outskirts of the city, you can meet one of the last gingerbread makers and learn how to decorate gingerbread with sugar together.

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13. Piatra Neamț

Piatra Neamt

Piatra Neamț is another city that few choose for a romantic weekend, although the views offered by the gondola ride there can successfully compete with those from Prahova Valley. The city is clean, chic and quiet, with many well-kept parks and historic buildings. In the center of the city are the Royal Court and the Tower of Stephen the Great. If the gondola ride whetted your appetite for the mountain landscape, cross the Bicaz Gorges and stop to find out the story of the Red Lake.

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14. Bistrița


Bistrița has been documented since 1241, being one of the seven fortifications (Siebenburgen) in Transylvania, around which the Saxon community in Romania was organized. During its heyday, it housed 22 guilds and was protected by 18 towers.

In some ways it looks like Sibiu, but it is much less crowded. It has a small and a large square, absolutely magnificent, a pedestrian alley, a tower and a history marked by the guild system. You could walk for hours on its cobbled streets and passages frozen in past centuries without getting bored. Start from the pedestrian alley and turn left or right, on the Butchers ‘Passage, the Bakers’ Passage, the Post Office Passage. Let your steps and gaze guide you.

Among the most beautiful places in the city are the Șugălete Ensemble, a series of 13 Renaissance buildings with ground floor arches erected in the XV-XVI centuries, the Silverman’s House, the Dogar’s Tower and the Evangelical Church, which has the tallest church tower in the country.

Many of the sights and central areas have recently been renovated with European funds. The result is a quiet, picturesque, clean town with a recently renovated walkway, full of beautifully decorated terraces and a central park great for relaxation.

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15. Arad – a romantic weekend with western flair

Arad Strada Mețianu - orase in care poti petrece un weekend romantic în România

Arad is rarely on the list of romantic cities in Romania. Not because it doesn’t have great places and a special history, but because it’s far away from Bucharest  and more known destinations in Romania. Many are reluctant to give it a try. But, if you don’t mind a detour, “Little Vienna” can be an ideal destination for a romantic weekend.

In the old part alone, there are over 100 buildings from the 19th and 20th centuries inscribed in the Cultural Heritage of Romania. The center of Arad is crossed by a generous boulevard with a strip of greenery in the middle and delimited by beautiful buildings in various styles, baroque, neo-baroque, gothic, neo-gothic and eclectic. As tourist attractions, Arad also boasts the Mureș Cliff and the Arad Fortress, which has gone down in history as one of the largest military prisons during the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

If you arrive in Arad, you must visit the Water Tower. It houses a series of exhibitions dedicated to water, local art and firefighters. Among the most interesting exhibits were the first electric dishwashers and two old wooden ice refrigerators. You can also climb into the old pool and on the surrounding platform, offering a bird’s eye view of the city.

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Romantic weekends for two are necessary for a harmonious couple. Surprise your loved one and go on a trip to Romania! And if you don’t know where, choose one of the destinations above. You certainly can’t go wrong and you can create unforgettable memories in any of them.

What other towns in Romania would you recommend for a romantic weekend?

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