Since I’ve started blogging, I realized there a lot of things a blogger needs to learn. From writing beautiful flowing narrative, taking beautiful photos, editing photos and videos to SEO, social networking, site design, WordPress, coding, marketing and branding. It is much more difficult than what I thought it would be.  And the most difficult skill to learn, I think is time management. At least, this is the one I struggle with the most.

It is challenging, but I don’t think it is a reason to give up, especially as I would like to learn most of this things. I’ve always learnt new things pretty fast, more over when it was something I enjoyed. So, no, I won’t give up, not yet at least, but I will try to manage better my time and write and learn more.

In order to better manage my time, keep track of my progress and get rid of all the agendas I have, I decided to write about the things I learn on the blog. The best way to learn something is to explain it to somebody else. This is not beneficial only to me, but also for those of you who want to learn the same thing, but are confused by the amount of information there is on the internet, not knowing which applies for a beginner and which not.